Is Your Business Ready for WebRTC?

Nov 23, 13 Is Your Business Ready for WebRTC?

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This past week I attended the WebRTC Expo in Santa Clara, CA and enjoyed the opportunity to both learn from the various sessions as well as spoke in one of the sessions focused on enterprise readiness with WebRTC. Below is the presentation for those interested. WebRTC now has over 1.2 billion endpoints enabled and is rapidly being...

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Big River Broadband Donates Laptops to Parkland Programmers

Nov 14, 13 Big River Broadband Donates Laptops to Parkland Programmers

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  BIG RIVER BROADBAND TO ENHANCE YOUTH TECHNOLOGY SKILL THROUGH DONATION OF COMPUTERS TO SUPPORT PARKLAND PROGRAMMERS FARMINGTON, MISSOURI (November 14, 2013) – Big River Broadband donated 15 laptop computers Tuesday, Nov. 12, to the Farmington Regional Community Foundation to enhance technology skills among students ages...

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WebRTC Video Calling from 32 Thousand Feet

Feb 25, 13 WebRTC Video Calling from 32 Thousand Feet

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WebRTC is here to stay. Yes I have been an early adopter of the buzz worthy tech, you can see more about my early thoughts on WebRTC here. But with the buzz seemingly accelerating daily (specifically while shows like Mobile World Congress are going on) it makes it even better when I can see technology in action and working, not...

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Parkland Meetup: Tech/Startup Series Launches First Event

One of the great things about starting LocalTek a few years back was getting involved with regional and local government and community organizations and also with small businesses around the area. The more people I met the more I realized how much of a really bright and talented base of people we had in the Parkland area of Missouri...

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How To Show Measurable Online Marketing Results

Over the past few years I have spent a considerable amount of time speaking to customers, colleagues, and anyone who would listen about both “tangible” and “intangible” results from online marketing including social media and search marketing. Unfortunately to most people that own businesses or those that are...

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