Facebook Change Haters I Have A Copy of Windows 95 For You

If you did not watch the Facebook F8 Keynote today you missed out on the major changes coming to Facebook, you should be able to see the recorded keynote at F8.Facebook.com if you want to get an idea of what is coming.

One thing to note, and a year ago it would of been a big announcement in and of itself, Facebook has 800 millions users now. That is an amazingly huge number that goes to tell you that as much of a waste of time some people feel Facebook is no one really cares, we use it, period.

There has been plenty of whining and complaining on Facebook changes the past couple days, simple changes like the new combined news feed and the news ticker that shows light weight activity on the right side of the screen. BTW, if you have an issue with all the change I have a copy of Windows 95 I can sell you, and if you buy today I will throw in a free Motorola RAZR:)

Well, if those changes have got you all in a tizzy just wait until you see whats coming next, if you have not heard Facebook is launching 2 major new updates to the platform that will be rolling out to the users over the next couple months. One is called Facebook Timeline the other is a new way to look at social apps, it call comes down to being able to perform a VERB on any NOUN, instead of simply hitting the like button on a book you can READ a book. This may seem simple on the face of it, but in big picture impact is exponential in terms of connecting people to things.

If you think about the ability of your friends to say they are “cooking lasagna” or “reading Bringing Down The House” enables you to discover items that you would of never thought of, the great example of using Spotify combined with Facebook to literally listen to music real time with your friends as it flows through your Facebook stream is amazing.

One concern about all this new posting of reading, writing, running activity is that it would flood the news stream. Well that is not the case, that is what the nice new ticker on the right side will do such a great job handling, all light weight activity will be put there, out of the major news feed.

Here are a couple links to details of the new features:

Facebook Timeline

More Facebook Timeline


  1. I love the new features. I can’t wait until this company IPOs next year. Anytime a business grows to this level of success, let alone an online business it will be scrutinized by the very visitors that use it. Whether people agree with the website’s new features or not, there really isn’t anything else out there that comes close.

    I will be investing in this company next year. :) Great write up Bruce, hurry up and visit LA soon.

  2. I need to get back and hang Jason.

    And you are so right, once a company is successful the jealously sits in and nothing they do will be seen as good. Facebook has alot of good happening, looking forward to seeing whats to come.

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