Me in a Bido Chat Wednesday and Random Domaining Thoughts

I will be in guest speaker/chatter on at Noon EST on Wed, I look forward to doing this and as a big fan of the Social Auction platform that Bido has created I appreciate the offer from Bido to do this. The timing on this for me is great since I see some opening in my schedule to finally start to work on moving some names, I plan on doing a mix of Bido and some offers here on the blog. Look for a very nice one to come up here on my blog in the near future.

Since I became more involved in the community I find myself less and less on the forums and more and more communicating with people through Facebook and Twitter (or actually with real voices on cellphones, who would of thought). But lately I have found myself naturally using Twitter for somethings while using Facebook for others. I will say I use Facebook more for just posting random things and more day to day personal things since I have more than just domainers that I communicate with there. It is the de facto way I keep tabs on people I have been friends or colleagues with for years but may live on other continents now or other such things, although funny enough I think I talk with my neighbors more on there than face to face, and I actually like my neighbors (Hi Paula and Kimball if you read this through the link on Facebook).

But I find that Twitter is more of a quick hit type use for me and more fun interactions with some business thrown in for good measure (although I do have 2 other Twitter accounts which are strictly business and used for promoting various things on developed sites). Long story short, theres a place for both, I could not choose one and not the other. It is funny though when you are communicating with the same person on both Facebook and Twitter at the same time, has social networking turned us into the ultimate multi-taskers?

Next random topic, I had someone send me an email a couple days ago asking about status on my minisites and have I turned up any lately. Answer is that the revenue on those sites is far above the parking revenue I had been getting on the names but I have been extremely focused on the business at hand for and have stayed out of much of my daily domaining work until I get some initial items out of the way then I can start to allocate some time. I am big on prioritization of work based on return on that time. Although I will say many of my minisites are very solid earners, the revenue from one customer on far outweighs the work on a Minisite (do not take that as a downer on Minisites, just different businesses). I hope in the very near future to be turning up many again, just gotta get past the next few weeks.

On the minisite note, I have been pleasantly surprised by the payback on the Ebay affiliate ad sites I put up, the PHPBay plugin worked great and has paid for itself many times over the past few months. You might want to check out since they have an Ebay Commerce package pre-built. If you do not have the time or web development skills to do it yourself it is likely more cost effective to have someone like them do it rather than putting all the pieces together yourself.

Oh, one last thing, thanks to Chef Patrick for giving a shout out in his news video a few weeks back when I made the leap to self employment. Its was a huge step and I appreciate the support from everyone in the domaining community. For sometime I had been talking about my love for Geo domains, well when you take something you believe in and go with it usually great things happen.

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  1. Hi Bruce, thanks for the blog post and we’re looking forward to the interview.


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