Setting Your Facebook Username On A Fan Page

Setting your Facebook username for a fan page is just as important as setting it up for your personal account. I have noticed many people have overlooked this step when creating their fan pages so thought I would point out the details here real quick. It is an easy task but has a few caveats around it before you can do it. I did have some of this detail in my post about Creating A Facebook Fan Page but it was deep in the post and I had enough email questions and comments about the username specifically I though it best to do a quick post on it.

To set your Facebook username go to

When you get here sometimes it is not obvious immediately that you can set the fan page username, if you look just below the yellow box concerning your personal username you will see a sentence that says Set a username for your pages. If you click that link you will then have the option to set the name. This will allow you to select a keyword or other specific word or phrase that describes your fan page rather than the long URL created when you first build your page.

Keep in mind, this is a one time shot, they make this very clear. Check and double check your selection. After you do make your selection I have noticed that the page access can be unstable for several minutes to a half hour after making the change. Its worth it.

Make sure after you have made the change that you go change the link on any of your fan page links from your site that you are promoting since they old link will no longer work.

On a side note, this pages do very well in SEO, I have noticed that both the fan page and fan page both rank well for certain terms. This can be good to gather new fans to promote your site too.


  1. I just set up my facebook username and I think it is a great idea to do pages for big websites. For a smallish minisite it does not make sense but for a larger site it is a great way to drive traffic.

  2. teendomainer, you are correct . I would not use for a minisite but for developed sites it is very useful.

  3. Hi, Setting your Facebook username requires that you have a “personal profile” on Facebook. Fan pages are not allowed to have a personal profile and therefore are not allowed to set a username. It would be great if that was not the rule, but it is. We would love to promote our Fan Page for Silver Cheese Productions by using the username feature!

    Thankfully, we are naturally gaining fans daily and are growing quickly!

    Thanks for the article!


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