WebRTC Expo and Conference In San Francisco On The Schedule

Nov 20, 12 WebRTC Expo and Conference In San Francisco On The Schedule

Next week I am headed to the WebRTC Conference and Expo in San Francisco, to say the least I am looking forward to attending this event. As it intersects my two professional focus areas, VoIP and unified communications plus web development and online marketing.

Obviously based on my WebRTC tutorial post I have an affinity for the new technology and really see this conference as a maturity point for the rapidly approaching standard. As was recently announced by Google, Chrome now has support built into the production browser and right behind that Firefox announced enhanced support. This means that a good portion of web browsers now have support for this real time communications technology on their desktop this moment.

Thrupoint has multiple spots during the conference, our Chief Innovation Officer (and an old boss of mine), David Jodoin is a keynote speaker and Sajeel Hussain, our VP of Product Marketing and Management is on a panel discussing WebRTC to SIP.

If any of my blog readers are in the San Francisco area and would like to get together shoot me a message.

Of particular interest to me next week is the Tuesday session lead by Justin Uberti of Google. Its a workshop showing how to implement WebRTC applications and outlining the open source code base being presented right from the creators themselves. Doesn’t get much better than that. You can read the complete conference agenda here.

The sponsor list has continued to grow for the conference with some of the leading names in web applications on the list. Need more info on WebRTC, ask in the comments below.

Also, started a little project keeping track of the various WebRTC Demos out there, I plan to post updates frequently with links and thoughts on the various demos I run across at WebRTCdemo.com




  1. Thanks for sharing Bruce, will look more info about WebRTC.

  2. No problem at all.

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