What Happened One Year Ago Today?

Well, as I mentioned a few posts back we are starting to hit the one year milestones of our little business idea. Today marks the one year date of the initial checks being written to fund all the development, initial office space, hosting, etc that needed to be done.

But, more importantly it marks the date that I committed to at some point in the future walk away from my “career”. I cannot say I realized it at the time, but obviously somewhere in there as the checks start to get written and employees hired you know you are headed somewhere.

More importantly, it was only a week or so from this date that we started the initial talks with potential customers with what they would expect and would like to see as the product grew (this helped us form a roadmap that we are still enhancing). It also let us know what many customers were missing as far as education goes when it comes to local search and marketing their business online.

As with any new company you morph a bit over the first year but if I think back the core idea has stayed the same, the opportunity has just grown from what we initially expected. If I had to choose between opportunity being smaller or larger, well I will take larger any day of the week.

As we hit the one year mark and start the year of 2010 I must say, today January 4th 2010, was a great first business day of the New Year. If days go even half as good as this for the rest of the year life will be good.

Thanks all for the support over the past year!



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