SEO Maintenance Is Important For Small Business Websites

Sep 17, 12 SEO Maintenance Is Important For Small Business Websites

Over the past few years LocalTek has continued to gain more and more customers with a mix of different services from local ads to a new website to web hosting. But one service that has grown more and more is SEO maintenance on a monthly and quarterly basis.

If you are in this industry that seems like an obvious thing, but in rural America services like that are not common place and there is still educating that is being done everyday by the team here.

Fortunately our customers sites did not receive the negative impact that many small business sites across the web experienced after the last major Google Panda update. But, we do see some shifts in how Google is handling certain types of local search and how they handle more frequent content updates.

What does this mean? Well since many of the changes made, even though they are focused on spam sites, also impacted stagnant small business sites it is now more important than ever to have some sort of maintenance package to allow for review and tweaking of a website to continue its high rankings in local search results. We have always said this but not it is imperative.

As our team meets with new customers they frequently show examples of rankings of sites that have not been updated for months and years that have lost rankings and then show the rankings of sites that are maintained properly. Thats the best way to educate on any topic, real life examples.

The problem that exists today is that many small businesses still think its acceptable to pay monthly or quarterly fees to their legacy promotion providers (billboards???) but have not really thought about how they should shift their budget to match how they actually use the web which is a good indicator of how their customers search for things.

At this point we still spend time explaining the difference between web hosting cost and website maintenance, customers are still learning the difference. That means there is both opportunity but also a need for education.

Long story short, as an industry we people involved in online marketing think it is obvious that SEO maintenance or keeping a site active is obvious. But on Main Street, local business owners are still learning more and more everyday.


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  1. I do agree. We always need to educate our customers, otherwise we will lose our revenue. Keep posting.

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